Sunday, 7 April 2013

Peshawar & Deans Hotel - Pakistan

Peshawar has always been the gateway to the Khyber Pass and Deans Hotel was the place to stay. Residents have included Rudyard Kipling & Winston Churchill.

Gateway to the pass

Peshawar used to be known as the Garden City and some few parts still remain despite over-development .  The collection of Buddhas in the museum, some excavated from the Takht-i-Bahi monastery - a UNESCO world heritage site - are simply stunning.  The old town was a must see and the Christian cemetery recorded service and death on the frontier.

Old Town

Much has changed in the thirty years since I first travelled in northern Pakistan.  Peshawar has been built up and tragically Deans is no more.  It was torn down to make way for yet another development.

Deans Hotel
So this really is a memorial to the many happy days I spent in the grounds of Deans (always booked into room 52 ) after travels up country, signing chits to prove I was a non-Muslim and entitled to drink the excellent murree beer.